Red chess which leads the students to do better in chess. Red chess academy gives a better teaching to the students.Where it interests more into learning techniques and strategies.Red chess academy has started in October 2020 and it is located in Coimbatore, India. The academy has been running very much successful. The ownership is entitled to Mr.K.Manoj kumar, who is highly open to teaching with international fide ratings.

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Our Mission

We train the students of all ages through Direct & Online classes

We conduct chess tournaments, chess Workshops and chess awareness programs etc

Our Vision

Empowering chess globally

Spreading the game of chess everywhere

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Our ideal goal is to produce many international fide rated chess players who can play and excel in chess and become proud of our nation.

We ideate to create a platform and organize camps on chess to reach more people.

To enhance the chess knowledge and its benefits

To give the best knowledge about chess to the students where our tutors work on many techniques and strategies to make students understand easier.